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Ask the experts
Q: My carpet got wet. How much do you charge to clean and dry it?
A: We can usually give you a cost range over the phone if you describe the situation accurately. Please have the following information ready:
• How big of an area got wet?
• Is there standing water?
• How much water is there?
• Do you know the source of the water?
1. Call your management company or landlord. If you own your property, and it's a plumbing leak, call a plumber or contractor responsible for repairing the leak.

2. Call Dave's Restoration. Be ready to answer the following questions:
• How big of an area got wet?
• Is there standing water?
• How much water is there?
• Do you know the source of the water?

3. Take pictures, especially if you're planning to go through insurance.

4. E-mail pictures of the flooded area to davidscarpet@gmail.com so we can give you a more accurate quote.
Q: I have water in my apartment/house. What do I do now?
Q: What can I expect when the Dave's team responds to my water emergency?
A: Dave's crew will arrive and set up their truck-mounted vacuum machine. • If there is standing water, they will remove it.
• If there is wet carpet, vinyl, laminate or wood, they will assess it to see if it can be saved. They will advise you of their assessment before removing any carpet or flooring.
• They will remove any wet padding.
• They will place drying equipment in your dwelling, including one or more industrial blowers and possibly a dehumidifier if there is a lot of moisture.
• If they determine that water has come through a ceiling or a wall, they will inform you if they need to make small holes in the drywall to remove the water.
• If water is excessive in the walls or ceiling, they will advise you if drywall needs to be removed.
• A technician from Dave's Carpet will give you a written estimate of the work that is to be done, as well as a total estimate. Dave's Carpet will require a 50% deposit before returning to complete the work.
• Standard drying time is about 3 days. If the flood is small, Dave's could return in two days. If the flood is large, drying time will take longer.